Town series comprises contemporary and instrumental music compositions by pATAWAVE Sound Project.



Flutist from Pipin is second album from pATAWAVE Sound Project, in this case inspired by wind instruments and western Town of Pipin.

These  are melodic songs, where smooth sound of flute has protagonism.

The 9 tunes are performed by flutist Rufus Nim.


...Town of Pipin is situated by the west coast, backed by the hills of Shamuti and just a few miles to the sea of Alvoran. There is a solitary road that leads to town, there the northern wind will hit you in the face before you cross the bridge that will get you into town.

The flutist will then receive you with one of his songs and invite you to a jar of ale at town´s only tavern, named Faun and the stars.