Planet series comprises Electronic music compositions.



Memory is the mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

Planet Memory was first album from pATAWAVE Sound Project, published by December 2012. Is a music project based in Soft Synths, which combines electronic elements with more traditional instruments, like strings or keys.

Planet Memory is a collage of sounds. Rhythmic elements are the base of the composition, although in ocassions lead the way to more melodic lines trying to soften the listener´s position and not lose his attention.

Songs do not have normally a standard structure, with musical elements driving into the composition at different times, trying to avoid chaos through similar rythmic patterns through the song.

Memory is the element that remains constant during production, is the piece that somehow provides cohesion to work. A memory that stored in bits defines in a multitude of feelings and moments from past experiences.


The rising of a new day.


After falling once more into the abyss of despair, the light came out in the horizon finally.

A glimmer of hope reflected finally on his face.